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Common Questions and Answers
Note: this list is not comprehensive, rather it is intended to answer a few questions that are most frequently asked. If you would like to know more please feel free to reach out to us. 

How does this all work? 

First, you will need to submit a services inquiry form or 'Bid form'
We then assess what the job details require and what we need to do to make an excellent
product for you. We then get back to you within 2 business days with a price quote
and details as to when we can complete your job. 

For Drone jobs ... weather, FAA regulations, and
other factors play a role and may require a special waiver which may take time to obtain due to laws and regulations.
We follow all FAA regulations, at all times. Furthermore, The FAA is the final authority and we are not liable for
circumstances beyond our control. *We will never take a job we cannot do, and always let you know ASAP - we believe being upfront with integrity is best!

How long will it take? 

The answer to this is dependent on what product you choose. 
For example, 'photography' generally takes the least amount of time for turnaround is generally a few days
whereas an edited video piece will probably take a week or longer because of editing. 

That being said, we strive to get you the fastest turnaround possible, and not deceive you with
false timelines or promises. Also, your individual bid will have a more precise time set included.

How do I receive my media? 

We deliver media digitally, either through: dropbox, a cloud
service, Email, USB, SD cards, Portable hard drives, or other digital means.
We try to cater to your needs, so let us know what you want.
We do not do Blu-ray or DVD!

We will work with you or if have a videography team for groundwork we can work in coordination with them and provide your deliverables to their company too!

Payment - Fees 

We accept cash, local checks, and Paypal for business. We will send your invoice through PayPal and you can pay it directly with your card. (you DO NOT have to have a PayPal account to do this!) There is a direct link on the invoice.

Any extraneous fees... for example, a location fee to shoot in a certain area will be paid by the client (you) and will be added to the invoice total. We will not include any hidden fees and communication will always be the priority.

Once you have accepted your quote, we require a 20% Down payment of the total fee when you receive your first invoice. Payment in full is required when the deliverables and final invoice are given to the client. There is a $50 fee for every week that payment is delayed from the agreed-upon payment dates set forth here from the time of the final invoice received.

Delays, Cancellations 

If the appointment is canceled for whatever reason, you will forfeit all of the 20% payment made. Some cases may differ based on reason and would be refunded. 

*** [For drone jobs - if we have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances out of our
control i.e - the weather, FAA regulations, rules, and laws where flight would not be permitted,
we will re-schedule your job at the next opportunity, with no extra fees. If your job required a
flight waiver and it is denied by FAA, your 20% deposit will be returned in full.]


Yes! We now serve the entire South Central region of Alaska, including Anchorage and the surrounding areas. We do charge a fee for longer trips. We are based out of Anchorage. 

Lodging - Any travel that is over 100 miles ONE-WAY from Anchorage will require 1 night of
basic hotel lodging (@ appx. $150 per night) anything over 175 miles will require 2 nights
lodging, 250-mile trips require 3 nights lodging. 

Fuel - Any travel that is over 40 miles one way will be charged $50 initial fee and $25 for
every extra 100 miles thereafter. (Round-trip)

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